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how hemp helps your pet


Age and other factors can have a profound effect on your pet’s quality of life. Our proprietary hemp oil has been proven to help decrease joint discomfort and improve overall mobility, allowing your pet to get back to doing what they love.


Pawse helps keep your pet calm and relaxed when they experience stress. Hemp calms without sedating, allowing your pet to safely handle stressful situations.


Skin health is important for maintaining a good quality of life. Pawse has been shown to support skin health and provide comfort when your pet is experiencing itchy skin.


Brain health is a concern for many pet parents. Our hemp oil has been proven safe and effective for a variety of support needs, including seizures from exhaustion and other external situations.


Pawse supports your pet’s cognitive function and wellbeing. Seeing senior pets happy and engaged again means the world to pet parents and to us.

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