Our Mission

To improve the lives of pets, daily.

As three pet-loving friends from Kentucky

We were surprised and disappointed by what we discovered when we began exploring the CBD market for pets. Most often, it was simply marketing companies, posing as pet-loving brands by slapping a dog on the label of their human CBD and calling it a pet blend. These companies exercise no control, insight or visibility with their actual CBD product, they simply and sadly control only labels and marketing.

Our pets deserve better.

With backgrounds in agriculture, hemp farming, thoroughbred training, business and engineering, our team is uniquely positioned to serve pets and, in doing so, pet lovers. Together we are improving the lives of pets, daily.

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Value System


Our products are specifically designed for pets. The formulations have been tested and revised based on our pet’s response to each of our products. Our tinctures are pet friendly, using a plastic dropper to ensure safety.


Product quality is paramount in an industry that lacks regulation and oversight. We meticulously control every step in the process, ensuring only the highest quality products are placed into doggie bags and onto shelves. Most notably, we validate our products with ISO accredited third party lab results, further confirming our efforts.Moreover, our labels clearly state how much CBD is in each serving & product. After all, label and packaging quality should parallel that of our products. Many competitors use fluffy labeling, highlighting the amount of “hemp extract” rather than the amount of actual CBD, misleading consumers on the potency of their products.


We offer a 'no questions asked' money back guarantee as well as omni-channel service through our website, social media, and over the phone. We are confident in our products and stand behind them.

Giving Back

Not all pets are afforded the same luxuries. We recognize our duty to serve all pets, even those less fortunate. That’s why we donate products and a portion of our proceeds to organizations that support less fortunate pets. These donations provide relief and support to pets in need, and even allow organizations to generate funds to further their mission.

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